How to Make Money as a Kid At Home

Ways to make money as a kid below 10 years old.

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Lainie Stephens raised $754 by selling snacks and lemonade. Credit:

Not all children have the same mindset. Most of them would prefer playing with their friends or studying at home to get high grades. And only a few children these days will likely ask themselves how they can make money as a kid.

In fact, there’s no ideal age or time for anyone to make money if there are opportunities right at your doorstep. You can make money as a child, as an adult and even as grandparents as long as there’s a market to what you are going to sell or offer.

If you have business minded children who like to make money at an early age, don’t stop them but instead, make it enjoyable for them to the point they are not doing it to make money. Otherwise, they’ll get stressed out like adults.

Here are some encouraging ideas how your children can make money as a kid.

1. Selling Their Old Toys

As children grow, they leave behind a lot of things such as clothes and toys that can be used by other younger children. If you have many toys placed in your storage room, you can just open a garage sale and sell your old toys that are in good condition to your neighbours.

Sell them for a cheap price because they are second hand and you have no use for them. Pass it over to another generation who will likely love your old toys because you loved them when you were younger.

The key to become a successful toy garage seller is to educate your buyers where you bought your old toys. Tell them how valuable your toys were to you when you were younger, how you played with it and a lot of touching memories you can share.

Don’t just open a toy garage store and let your buyers pick what they like. Make it like an auction.

2. Selling Cupcakes

Children selling cupcakes are adorable. Mothers will love them and their community, too. They are adorable enough to the point where they don’t even need to say “I’m selling cupcakes”. If your children love baking, they can make money as a kid selling cupcakes.

This won’t be much profitable but it’s still an effective idea how children can make money. Again, make it just a hobby for your children and don’t let them get the idea that they’ll do it for the rest of their lives.

Maybe allow your children to sell cupcakes during weekends or summer only and don’t let selling cupcakes compromise anything.

3. Artwork Selling Online

Not all children are into arts. It requires passion and interest in making artworks. If you have children that are into arts, they can sell their artwork online for a reasonable price. You can create an online store on Etsy, Shopify or you can just create a Facebook page where your children can market their works of art.

Although it’ll take a bit of time for your children’s artwork to be sold. What you can do is ask your potential customers on Facebook what your potential buyers are happy to purchase.

4. Create a Youtube Channel

If your children are not camera shy and have ideas to share, they can use it to make a Youtube channel and create videos. The most common is to let them talk about their toys or review it and create affiliate links in your video description.

Again, don’t make your children feel they are working but instead, let them feel happy and make sure they enjoy what they are doing.

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