How to Become a Successful Youtuber? — Beginners Guide to Youtube

But do you have what it takes to become a Youtuber?

How to Become a Successful Youtuber

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the web. 1st is Google for texts and 2nd is Youtube for videos. It’s also the first in mind go-to destination when people are looking for how-to videos, reviews, and even specific anime scenes stripped off from the original video.

The variety of videos you can watch on Youtube are endless but there are selected topics you are not allowed to post on Youtube such as violence, pornography or with copyright protection videos.

Given that limited restrictions, publishing videos on Youtube has become available to everyone. And that triggered the opportunities for everyone to become a Youtuber.

Youtube is dominated by Youtubers because of the earning opportunities Youtubers can receive from Youtube or private advertisers through advertisement or review in their videos.

Think of Ryan Kaji, one of the highest paid Youtubers. He gets about $30–$100M in a year from his Youtube videos. Insane right?

Imagine how many hours in your lifetime you can earn at least $1M net income, right? and as a professional aged 30 years old and above.

But it’s not too late.

Making an income from Youtube is not an easy job and you need patience, effort and dedication if you want to get results. But on top of that, you must enjoy making and uploading videos to Youtube to the point you won’t even think of your income every time you make your videos.

Lucky for you, I’ve compiled the most basic foundation you’ll ever need to Skyrocket your Youtube channel and get views that you deserve.

Let’s dive in.

Not every Youtubers can become successful in many topics. If you are starting out your career as a Youtuber, I’d recommend you to focus first on one topic that you love or have a passion for.

Youtube isn’t an overnight an overnight success, you need to build your subscribers, you need to get views from tens to hundreds, to thousands and so on before you can see results coming in.

Are you a Yoga expert? Create Yoga videos that people can follow just by watching you on Youtube. Do it every time. Daily if possible.

Are you a chef or you just practice cooking? Create different videos on how to cook “keyword” in your videos and you can get tons of viewers by consistently doing it.

Populate your Youtube channel with how to videos that define the purpose of your channel such as: “how to cook spaghetti squash” or “how to cook jasmine rice” So you’re giving Youtube an idea that your channel is about cooking tutorial.

Instead of randomly creating Youtube videos for the sake of having videos uploaded to your channel. Your goal is to influence and teach your viewers of what you do and how they can benefit from your videos in the long run.

In order to succeed in Youtube, you don’t just need to make and upload videos to your channel. You also need to have at least 4,000 watch hours in total so you can monetise your videos.

To do this, you either need to increase the views in your videos or you need to publish more videos to generate more watch hours and become eligible for video monetisation.

The longer your videos are watched, the more Youtube will likely recommend or suggest your videos in related topics.

The most important practice in being a Youtuber is you must know what your viewers are searching for or going to search for. You can’t just create a video yourself waking up in the morning and hope it gets viral or gets watched for 4,000 hours.

Remember my example earlier about Target Certain Keywords these are the titles and description you should place in your video information so when someone searches for it, you’ll be there.

This tactic is so simple and yet so powerful. Targeting certain keywords in your videos help your videos become visible when someone searches for that keyword.

Furthermore, you can also know beforehand if a certain keyword is worth creating videos for or you’ll just waste your time because no one is searching for it.

What you can do to ensure your videos have people searching for is to do the following:

  1. Use Youtube auto suggest — There are pre-existing keywords that people on Youtube usually search for.

2. Use a Tool like — Similar to auto-suggest but they show search volume and they give you more keyword options than the suggestion.

Evergreen keywords are equal to evergreen content. If the videos are you’re creating for your Youtube channel are time sensitive, you can only get your peak season during that particular season.

That’s not a good approach if you want to become a successful Youtuber because you want your viewers to watch your videos daily, weekly, monthly. Not yearly or every leap year because you won’t be able to monetise it.

So don’t focus your videos in creating “Best Christmas gift for Dad” or “Best New year resolution” I’m not saying you can’t make them but don’t focus your videos on this particular topic.

This is a no brainer but you must always tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel. The more subscribers you have, the more video views you can get whenever you release a Youtube video and it’s a good way to increase your chances of becoming a successful Youtuber.

Also, your subscribers are your foundation in your journey as a Youtuber and everybody else is your potential subscribers that could be reached through your existing subscribers like friends and in their network.

Not everyone is strategic enough to recommend their other Youtube videos. Inside Youtube account holder, Youtube has a feature where a user can edit their video, recommend their video inside the frame of a particular video while that video being played, their video recommendation will appear.

This is great if you want to increase your video views and watch time. Also, you can keep your viewers in your channel provided you can meet their expectation and provide them with new knowledge through your video.

Youtube rewards videos that have user engagement. The more time and engaged your viewers are in your videos, the easier it is for Youtube to recognise your videos and your channel.

To keep engagement active in your videos, you should always respond to comments in your videos and communicate to your viewers in a way that they’ll feel close to you.

Don’t just use generic reply like “Thanks” or “I’m happy you like this video”. Make it more human and interactive.

9. Customise Your Video Cover / Thumbnail

Use images in your video cover. Images are seen 10x better than your video title. You need to catch the eye of your target viewers so that they can click and watch your video.

If you were to do this, make sure that your thumbnail is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall, with a minimum width of 640 pixels. And you must test what thumbnail works best by reviewing your video clicks

10. Make your videos MORE engaging

How can you make your videos More engaging, you ask? At first I didn’t know what it mean but as I watch video tutorials, they don’t just make videos and publish straight to their channel.

In fact, they edit their videos to add a little animation, extra content like music, effects, sounds and anything to keep their videos either funny and exciting for Youtube viewers.

It definitely works. Most Youtubers do this especially those who are focusing gadget or toys review channel. There are probably many ways for Youtubers to make their videos more engaged. What’s yours way?

Let’s recap.

  1. Focus in a single topic
  2. Make your videos at least 10 mins long
  3. Optimise your video title and description
  4. Target Certain Keywords
  5. Publish Evergreen Keywords
  6. Build up large subscribers
  7. Recommend your other Youtube videos
  8. Spend some time on engagement
  9. Customise Your Video Cover / Thumbnail
  10. Make your videos MORE engaging

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Entrepreneur, coder, husband, father. I spend my days on the web learning and sharing information across the globe.

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Josef Cruz

Entrepreneur, coder, husband, father. I spend my days on the web learning and sharing information across the globe.