Can You Still Start a Business These Days? 6 Unique Ideas Inside

Starting a business these days is very much easier than it was before. The ideas you can come up with and the opportunities were very limited and were also overpopulated. Not to mention the monetary budget you’ll need to set up your office, your personnel and so on.

However, these days are different. The internet has changed our way of thinking and enabled us to come up with ideas we never thought possible. I mean, did you imagine a drop shipping business or “I want to Draw a Cat For You” for $$$ or more? These became possible with the help of Internet.

But here are also other ideas you can start with if you are planning to start a business.

1. Create a unique online course

There are so many people out there who want to make money online. They start their Youtube channel, they do buy-and-sell, they become an online game streamer and a lot more. But everyone is an expert of something and you can take that opportunity to create an online course that you can sell.

Let’s say you are an expert in growing a Facebook group, or you are an expert of getting high visitors or followers on Medium, you can use that expertise to create a mini course where you’ll lay out all your secrets and how you do things from day 1.

Not everyone can do it but everyone will get their hands on this course..

2. Create a small software

Are you a computer programmer? Do you only think creating games or commercial software are the only way you can take advantage of your expertise?

Well, think again.

Kim C. Dang, a creator of GroupConvert where you can collect emails of your members from your FB group. This is just a Google Chrome extension that you’ll install on your Chrome website and it’ll make your job a lot easier.

Another small tool you can use is AdExtrator.

If you are doing a Facebook advertising campaign and you want to analyse your competitors Ads, this is the job for it. It’s also another chrome extension from Kim Dang so you’ll pretty much know it works.

3. Create a premium community

Every expert has serious followers who will support him or her no matter what. And if you are an expert of something, say like an expert in marketing, create a premium community where your members will pay you a token to access your group.

However, you need to keep your community active, informative and moderated. It needs to be different from the common Facebook groups out there that anyone can post or asking a questions 10x already.

4.Have a premium coaching schedule

Again, if you are an expert of something, people will want to hear from you whenever you say something of value.

You can offer this service to your community if you can show them results of your work because if they have never heard of you, it’ll be difficult for you to land a paying client.

For you are into basketball coaching, you can show your trophies and other awards you received as a basketball player.

Another thing to keep in mind is you need to make sure you can always provide something new to the table so you can always keep them excited and happy to engage with you.

5. Sell Ebooks Online

Do you think Ebooks are good as FREE?

Most likely.. but if you’re sharing something that changed your life. Would you give it away for free? I mean, let’s say you are a diabetic person and you suffer from it for years but then you found a way yo cure your diabetic disease.

You can create a detailed information of it in Ebook format and sell it to diabetic people out there. Ebooks can’t be that expensive but the key to succeed in selling ebooks online is the volume of buyers you can have.

6. Re-create Your Other Products

If you want to take advantage of your products, you need to recreate them in order to get repeat buyers. Also, in order to generate more sales because you can probably charge higher for a new product.

For instance, you have an Ebook product you sold to at least 1,000 people. You can create an audio version of your Ebook product so that your Ebook buyers can listen to it whenever they want.

Will this work? If Audible works, why won’t it?

Interested in making money online?

Here’s a list of 21 product ideas you can recreate and make your own product



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