Best Business Movies Entrepreneurs Should Watch

Ready your popcorn because it’s a cash of a ride.

Watching movies is amazing. You can entertain yourself, unwind and even educate yourself just by watching movies.

But what if there are movies that will inspire you how to make money, run a business from just an idea?

In this post, you’ll have a list of best business movies that every entrepreneur should watch and learn about business for free.

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Ray Kroc was a traveling salesman in 1954 with hardly any wins selling milkshakes. Then he got a fateful call that would lead him to discover a fast food restaurant which has never been seen before.

This little know restaurant is known as Mcdonalds and it was created by 2 brothers named Maurice and Richard. The brothers mad an attempt to expand but with little success but Ray feel they really have a good idea in their hands and wanted to try his hand in expanding the fast food joint.

It’s here we start to see how a little-known restaurant became the Titan of Burgers and Fries it is today and how a failed Milkshake salesman stole it from the brothers.

Wolf of Wall Street is a rollercoaster ride which takes Jordan Belfort from nobody to a rich man and one of the best sales trainees in the history. This movie was inspiring and I enjoyed Belforts character. He is clever, bold, risk-taking. He has a chill-out attitude and effective leadership skills, which are the most liked traits of mine from his character.

The movie also showed that some people in our life might show us a complete new different direction which may brings positive or negative impact in our life, like in the movie Mathew guided Belfort how to earn more money, how to deal with the customers. This leaded a significant change in Belforts personality.

The first Steve Jobs movie (2–13) was a quickly done version of the main successes and one downfall in Steve jobs’s life. This one helps the people connect with him more, as more of his less flawless side is shown. He was a great man, but the greatest of men also have the greatest of flaws and a set of mistakes they have committed. Fassbender killed it with the acting. Amazing movie — watched it about 8–9 times and will be willing to watch it plenty more times.

The journey of a man who bought the computing world into existence and the difficulties he faced to bring the computing world into existence and the problems he faced in his life is well portrayed in the film. Strong acting and cinematography, Michael Fassbender as Steve jobs is so perfect overall a perfect film and a must watch.

The story of Moneyball revolves around Oakland Athletics baseball team GM Billy Bean’s attempt to assemble a competitive team for the 2002 season with a shoestring budget.

Rather than relying on scouts’ experience and intuition, and thereby much to their disapproval and hostility, Billy Bean with the help of a Yale economics graduate Peter Brand uses sabermetrics, selecting players based on their on-base percentage (OBP) while ignoring their perceived weaknesses.

They thus used this methodology to hire undervalued and injured players for low budget, while blocking many established players. The rest of the story is Billy’s bumpy road journey and how they defied all the odds towards an unprecedented winning streak.

This is a movie you enter into with less or no expectations and after you finish watching it, you completely turn around your point of view and find the movie and acting too good.

Based on a true story, BBC works well and the last half hour of the movie is more gripping than ever. Taron Edgerton and the other guy playing Joe hunt do a good job, so does everyone involved. This movie is full of energy and is gripping till the end.

The Big Short is as much of a drama as it is a documentary. If you are interested in understanding how Wall Street works and why the 2007–8 Financial Crisis occurred, this is the movie for you.

Importantly, it breaks down the story in a digestible way — digestible enough for a middle schooler like me, and with a little extra research and a few Khan Academy videos, I have confidences that I understand the ABC’s of the crash, from the basic MBS to synthetic CDOs.

And, also, it passes along a helpful hint: that history repeats itself. There will be another bubble and another crash, but with smart executives and policymakers, we can work to minimise its impacts.

The social network is a riveting film based on the journey of Mark Zuckerberg creating Facebook and the hardships he encountered. The movie is well scripted and great dialogue but the best thing about it is the fact that Jesse Eisenberg was perfectly casted. Also good performances from Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake even Rashida Jones with her small part. This was a pleasant surprise and just a cool movie.

Amazing work and must watch to clear the clouds of an investor who feels it’s safe to believe in ratings of investments for taking risks and the policies of the government were safeguarding the interests of defaulters not the public, and finally how every leader is contributing their fair share in expanding this financial mafia rather taking steps to eradicate and protecting the people and providing security.

This movie speaks on behalf of all the corporate worker bees and makes you go through the frustration and negligence people face in their lives on a daily basis doing their jobs they are less than amused to do, and given a chance would fraud their way out of it.

I personally feel that this movie is quite underrated because of the era it was made in, and would be a completely different story if it was released now with all these promotions and media stuffs going on.

Nevertheless its my one of the all time favourites and a big time DVD hit, the characters are very colourful and you connect with them with a blink of an eye, nice gentle comedy and a ‘didn’t see it coming’ climax.

Overall does what its supposed to do very well, go for it without any hesitation and in my opinion you wouldn’t be disappointed

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