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Entrepreneur, coder, husband, father. I spend my days on the web learning and sharing information across the globe.

You don’t have to be a programmer to laugh at their humor.


1. When programmers work round the clock

A little comedy for all of us right now.


1. The book that made you cry

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2. Programmers are safe

A shortlist you can copy and paste so you can work less, stress less, and relax more doing work you enjoy

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3. Make your thoughts come to life

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1. It’s personal

I set myself a self-discipline challenge that produced some great results.

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This can be uncomfortable and generate discomfort, and even you may disagree with me, but I believe it is necessary to come back to the subject.

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What is the most important feature a programmer should have?

What is the worst feature a programmer can have?

Programmers are competitive not only in the workplace but also in life

People laughing
People laughing
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In fact, you don’t need a college degree at all.

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I accepted the opportunity, and it led to some of the best moments of my career.

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A little of the history

They have made our lives easier.

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Josef Cruz

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