7 Essential Keys to be a Productive Medium Writer

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Being a writer is exciting and challenging at the same time. Exciting because you know you can influence your readers and make an impact in their life through your words. And challenging because you need to provide value to your readers knowing that your branding and reputation are at stake if you don’t meet their expectations.

It’s not just about the income you can earn or generate by sharing your knowledge. It’s about influencing your readers and educating them at the same time through your stories.

In order to keep everything under your control, here are some ways you can do to become a productive writer:

1. Plan out your content writing in advance

Preparing the stories you will write content for minimises your time on brainstorming. Once you have laid out all your topics over a period of time, you’ll just keep on giving value to your readers without running out of stories to tell.

You can also stick to your publishing schedule because you have a timeline to follow. In the process, you’ll become more professional in committing to your schedule which is very important to every writer.

Because time is of essence, as they say.

2. Exercise Your Body Daily

Our body is the foundation of what we do. You can’t provide high quality stories to your readers if your body is in no condition to sit and spend hours of writing. You need to walk or run for at least an hour in the morning and in the evening to ensure the circulation of blood in your body will remain good.

You probably won’t take this advice seriously but this is something you cannot overlook.

3. Read other high performing articles

There are hundreds of excellent writers out there. You can find them here on Medium or you can find them on Google when you search for “content writing services”.

You can analyse their writing, their format etc to see how you can learn from them. If you are new to Medium blogging, you can review the top performing stories based on claps it received from its viewers and replicate it.

4. Analyse your existing articles

Not all writers have written excellent stories and you’re not exempted. If you have been writing on Medium for a while, you can probably look at your analytics to review the stories you wrote but did not get any views or engagement with your target readers.

Take advantage of that and focus on what stories you wrote that got high engagement and write more of them because you already know what stories interest your readers.

5. Clear out your mind

You need this. Even book authors clear out their minds if they ran out of stories to tell. If they don’t know what to do with a character or the story ending,

Writing Medium stories is no different. Once in a while, to provide something new you must clear out your mind and let other ideas flow into you and come up with a better idea.

Great ideas come without prior notice.

6. Collaborate with other writers

You can also learn from other writers by collaborating with them or having discussions with them. Some Medium writers have Facebook groups or newsletters you can join.

They share tips and advice in their community so if you can connect with them, you can even learn from their advice and apply it to your own approach to become a top performer Medium writer.

7. Get Rid of All Distractions — I mean, ALL.

No Netflix, Youtube, Mobile phone and surrounding noises that can get into your head and distract you from your focus. Not all writers can writer great stories while surrounded by distractions that will get their attention from time to time.

It happens to me a lot and I always end up switching my focus over without realising I’m wasting an hour of my time already.

If you can get all possible distractions out of your view or your surroundings, you’ll be able to focus at what you’re writing.

But again, it doesn’t mean you lack discipline. It’s just temptations are hard to deal with if they are just right in front of you, waiting for you to grab them.

Final Words

The outcome of your stories depend on how interesting the are. Just because you follow these productivity habits for Medium writers, it doesn’t mean your writing journey is a straight path to success but these mentioned above play a big role, in my opinion.

There are other elements that contribute to a successful Medium story and successful writers. It doesn’t happen overnight but the magic can happen in a week if your stories are worth sharing, highly crafted to your readers and with an interesting headline.

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