5 Small Business Ideas ONLY for Women

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There are so many business ideas out there. Women nowadays can actually do other jobs that were initially developed for men such as construction, police and even wrestling. Women can do it all..

However, are there small business ideas that are actually dedicated for women and can’t be done by men even if they wanted to? Yes, there are and I’m going to list them for you so if yo are a woman reading this article and is looking for a small business idea for women, this is for you.

Let’s get started.

1. Pregnancy Coaching

This small business idea is only applicable to women who have given birth to a child or at least undergone a pregnancy. This is very unique to women because they are the only one who can get pregnant, thus give birth. Their target market and target demographic information are already in place and all they need to do is create something useful and let the world know about it.

Sounds great? Provide a detailed 9-month plan for women like dos’ and don’ts for a successful and convenient pregnancy and giving birth timeframe.

2. Baby Nursing Consulting

This is only applicable for women who gave birth to a child only. I don’t think anyone can provide a trustworthy and safe baby nursing if they haven’t given birth, right?

Just agree :)

So if you’re wondering how you can start a small business idea for women with baby nursing is you can create a course or you can create a live consulting or coaching to women who are about to give birth probably on their 8–9th month of pregnancy so they will be prepared already when they can get a hold of their newborn.

3. Menstruation Coaching

You might be thinking, seriously? A woman need that? Well, menstruation is not that easy. There are things that you can and can’t do while you are in menstruation and you can take that advantage to create an online course that teenage women can enrol themselves into to educate them of properly.

Is this possible to make money by doing this? Yes, for sure. In fact, there’s already Udemy courses online available. So why won’t it?

4. Nursery Boutique or Daycare Center

Women can take better care of their children than men. Although men can do it, this is not the kind of business they’ll put up on their own without women advice, right?

Therefore, it is still qualified to be only for women small business idea. You can start a small nursery boutique in your community where busy parents can leave their children in your care whenever necessary.

While this small business idea won’t make much income, you can expand to several communities where in you’ll deploy your team to take good care of the children. You just need to establish a secured place, children-loving personnel and responsible staff that won’t keep an eye out of the children.

5. Gift for Husband Consultant

There are gift consultant services in general out there. They can give you whatever gift idea you need for birthdays, family gatherings, anniversaries and so on. But there is no better consultant to get a gift for a husband than wives, right?

Wives know what’s better for their husband and this can’t come from anyone who has never been married to a guy.

If you were to do this small business idea, you can just create a subscription basis for a low amount fee monthly giving advice to wives over the call, video call or chat if they need assistance what gift to give to their husband.

Will this work? People will always buy if they find convenience at something. 1. Online Shopping? — We have it.
2. Grocery delivered at your doorstep? — Done.
3. Mystery box business? — Oh please, even this works!

The world is full of possibilities. A year from now, there’ll be more other business ideas that ONLY WOMEN can do. Overtime, we’ll always come up of something to generate income online or offline.

As Ethan Hunt once said in his Rouge Nation movie, Desperate times, desperate measures.

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